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Real Marine Agencies

Provision & Bonded Ship Stores

We offer a range of dry, fresh and frozen provisions which are sourced from the local and the global markets, to ensure that all the needs of the seagoing vessel crew are fully satisfied. With the constant updates of the new products and the deep knowledge in this field we ensure that all the needs are fully satisfied. Since these are very delicate items we see to it that there are regular quality checks just to ensure that only the best quality product is delivered. With this massive dedication, we constantly ensure that our prices always remain competitive. Cigarettes, cigars, alcohols, soft drinks, chocolates, perfumes, electronics and other durable goods are offered directly from the duty-free stores to the vessels without the burden of the taxes on our clients.
Real Marine Agencies

Charts/Publication & Cabin/General Stores

Cloths to linens, tableware to galley utensils and all the items to need in the cabin to the galley are offered by us with the precise specifications. To keep your cabin and galley clean we offer you a wide range of cleaning chemicals and equipment's as we believe in the idiom "Cleanliness, which is next to godliness”. All the latest nautical publications and the chart for the vessel to make their voyage easy are readily available with us. We make sure that all the latest editions are made available at the earliest as soon as they are published. We hold immense expertise in offering a wide array of stationery to clients. These are selected from the best brand in the markets just to ensure their supreme quality. We offer everything from pencils to printers and USB drives to computers.
Real Marine Agencies

Spare Parts

We are engaged in supplying a variegated line of more than 10,000 different engines, electrical stores and nautical equipment for the vessels. These products are procured by a special expertise team that works round the clock to ensure that all the vessel reeds are fulfilled. We also have a team of extensive knowledge personnel who are experts in the supply of all the ship spares from the tiniest in the size to the largest item available. We have spares for Japanese, Korean and European vessels.
Real Marine Agencies

Marine Paints/Lubricant Gases

We offer various sophisticated branded product that effectively prevents the vessel from corrosion and fouling. We also offer various chemical gases and marine petroleum products that are used in the vessel varying from the air condition coolant to the marine gas oil. The company provides bunkering services to the marine industry in all segments-merchants, vessels, ocean-going yachts and cruise ships, oil tankers and fishing ships. Providing marine fuel lubricants in all Indian ports, we are a provider of marine fuels and lubricants.
Real Marine Agencies

Wire Ropes/Mooring Ropes/Shackles

A wire is bent for slacking to ensure that the turns on the drum are taken uniformly and firmly. This is done to avoid chaffed ends between the turns that might cause the rope to bend. It's a good idea to have rollers with wires to prevent unnecessary chafing. Wire rope lubricators allow grease to reach the core of the wire and prevent corrosion. Lubricating ropes is done regularly with wire lubes, turret fluids, or grease. If you grease with your hands, it won't reach the core of the wires. Instead, it will only lubricate the outer strands.
Real Marine Agencies

Electrical & Safety Items

Providing a complete range of insulated jumpers and jumper clamps that are lightweight, flexible, and highly resistant to hazardous industrial environments. Whenever you connect points in a breadboard circuit, you have to protect yourself from electricity risks. High-quality accessories are essential for protecting workers from electric shocks and workplaces from fire events. To increase the lifespan of electrical systems, use high-quality accessories for electrical workers & make sure that all parts of your electrical system are connected safely.
Real Marine Agencies

Lashing Materials

We supply all kinds of lashing materials. Our materials are Tension Lever Bridge Fitting D'Ring with Half Pipes, Iso Corner Casting Raised Foundation Base Twistlock with Dovetail Plat Intermediate/Twistlock Container lifting Lug Galvanized Cargo Bin Ratchet with Hook Dunnage Woods, Chocking Woods. A deck may contain similar cells, but containers stacked on top of each other without the benefit of cell guides must be secured with twist locks and a combination of twist locks, lashing rods, and turnbuckles. We provide container vessels and project cargo vessels.